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Year-End Close - DFC Update Information


Fiscal Year-ends happen throughout the year and DFC Consultants is here to assist with preparations. If you would like us to complete your year-end close, please fill out the Year-End Close Form and fax it to 701-281-4798 or send it via email. Upon receipt, our support team will contact you to schedule the year-end close.


Appointments are on a first come, first serve basis. We do our best to accommodate your requests but encourage you to schedule early.


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In order to schedule your software upgrade, please complete this form and submit it to DFC.


Read all of the great new features available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2


Additional Functionality


Take a look at our page that highlights some of the additional functionality for your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. Contact DFC to set up a demo or learn more about any of the features.

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Where can I get Tax Forms?


You do not need to purchase 1095C forms, GP will print those for you.

1099 and W-2 forms can be purchased from any office supply store like Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc.

An Update from the GP team at Microsoft

December 2015


Recently, the president signed a bill Path 2015 for tax relief.
Let's not jump to conclusions around it, as we all know, it has to be finalized and notification released, then we will determine what needs to be done.
At a glance, it may affect Fixed Assets depreciation values, but at this point, don't worry, we are watching it and will communicate something as soon as we know what is going on!

Read more:

U.S. Payroll Round 2 tax update for 2016

We are looking to release about the middle of January, I have the site updated with all states changing so far. This will be a code drop for the states identified as such, otherwise no need for code.
Alabama - code change
District of Columbia
Maine - code change
North Dakota
Rhode Island
GP 2013:
GP 2015:


The 2016 941 Draft form is out there , so this is being reviewed for changes as well, will know more later. instructions


ACA Bug in Dynamics GP

December 2015


There is a bug that is affecting everyone using Dynamics GP to print their 1095-C (if you use Green Shades or Integrity Data's ACA product you won't need to worry)

Problem: GP will print a 1095-C even if the employee was inactive for the entire year, or never worked in the year at all.

Solution: After creating the year end wage file the below script will need to be ran so it only prints for people that actually had some sort of info in 2015.


delete from upr10111
where (MonthofCost_1='0' AND MonthofCost_2='0' AND MonthofCost_3='0' AND MonthofCost_4='0'and
MonthofCost_5='0' AND MonthofCost_6='0' AND MonthofCost_7='0' AND MonthofCost_8='0' AND
MonthofCost_9='0' AND MonthofCost_10='0' and MonthofCost_11='0' AND MonthofCost_12='0' AND
MonthofCoverage_1='0' and MonthofCoverage_2='0' and MonthofCoverage_3='0' and MonthofCoverage_4='0'and
MonthofCoverage_5='0' AND MonthofCoverage_6='0' AND MonthofCoverage_7='0' AND MonthofCoverage_8='0' AND
MonthofCoverage_9='0' AND MonthofCoverage_10='0' AND MonthofCoverage_11='0' AND MonthofCoverage_12='0')
and YEAR1='2015'


Need help? Contact DFC.


Year-End Close - Self Update Informationgraph


Year-End Update Links


If you are using GP for your ACA reporting...


At year end, the year end update install is mandatory… install needs to be done PRIOR to creating the year end wage file.
Once we release this update, you can install it at any time.


Year-End specific changes: links to the information on the change so you can review it

  • No W-2 or W-3 Form changes
  • EFW2 changes (Electronic Filing, minimal, file should be fine if not installed)
  • Product Quality Fixes around Payroll Year-End
  • Affordable Care Act, click HERE for list of changes




  • Payables 1096 form change
  • Fixed Asset Luxury Auto Depreciation changes

If you are using Integrity Data/Sypnio for your ACA reporting....

You MUST contact Integrity Data for an update to their software prior to closing your year end.


ND Tax Update -

June 18, 2015


Microsoft has released a tax table update for North Dakota, effective January  1, 2015, tax reduction.


It is a tax table change only.


Download the documentation, script if you want it and cab file for manual installs.

Cab File


Once installed your new date is June 19, 2015.

Pages links:






Frequently Asked Questions

Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 will end on 10/13/2015 which means that at that point in time, you will no longer receive tax and year end updates.



ACA Webinars

Integrity Data and Greenshades, two Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) offer solutions to help you manage information required by the ACA. Each company recorded webinars explaining their solution for DFC customers. You can access either webinar below. If you have questions, please contact Carolyn at 701-281-6112 or email


ACA Reporting with Integrity Data
Integrity Data's ACA Reporting enhances the payroll system in Microsoft Dynamics GP for both the basics and the challenges of IRS reporting that the Affordable Care Act now requires of employers. With the add-on to GP Payroll, employers can simplify generation of the yearly forms that, come early 2016, they will need to print for employees and fille with the IRS. Employers also get capabilities for internal monthly reporting
that many companies vulnerable to ACA penalties will need for ongoing analyses of how to avoid or minimize their ACA risk.

**this solution was previously Sypnio, but is now Integrity Data

View the recorded webinar


Taking the pain out of ACA compliance - Greenshades
The Affordable Care Act is impacting businesses across the board. Now is the time to prepare your business for what it needs in order to stay compliant. The ACA is "Play or Pay," so make sure your business has what it needs to play. Greenshades Software has more than a decade of tax and benefits experience. Key takeaways from this webinar include calculations and understanding of Full Time Equivalent Employees, the minimum coverage accepted for employees and Greenshades Software's suite of compliance solutions, including our new Dynamics Payroll Inspector.

View the recorded webinar





Are you considering an upgrade to your system? Having the proper hardware in place will prevent incompatibility and performance issues. Download and complete the hardware form. This will allow our consultants to provide an accurate time estimate and verify your hardware requirements. Completed forms can be faxed to 701-281-4798 or emailed to support.


While preparing for your upgrade, please review the list of suggested GP reports to run before and after the upgrade to verify your data.


Please note that Microsoft only supports the two latest versions of GP. Customers on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 should schedule their upgrade as soon as possible.


Version End of Mainstream Support
Dynamics GP 2015 April 14, 2020
Dynamics GP 2013 R2 or GP 2013 April 10, 2018
Dynamics GP 2010 Expired
Dynamics GP 10.0 Expired
Dynamics GP 9.0 Expired





Payroll Tax Table Update
December 2014

Microsoft has released the 2015 Round 1 U.S. Payroll Tax update, this is a table change only. file

Installation instructions

Here are the changes in Round 1
FICA Social Security Limit $118,500
Federal, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Yonkers
Once you install this update your new date under Tools | Setup | System | Payroll Tax is .... 12/18/2014

U.S. Payroll Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

U.S. Payroll Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

U.S. Payroll Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

ACH File Change Causing Errors
September 2014


The National Clearing House for ACH files just recently made some changes.  If you use Microsoft Dynamics GP and Direct Deposit for Payroll, you are likely to have issues sending your file unless you make a change to the Direct Deport Setup.

Instructions on how to make the change.





Copy and Paste to your General Ledger


GP 2013 R2 and GP 2015 includes the capability to copy from Excel and paste directly into your General Ledger. If you're not on oe versions, you can still gain that functionality. Simply download and view the following documents for instructions. If you have questions or would like assistance, please contact support.

Paste from Excel Download Instructions


Download Links


How to complete paste after download has completed


Dynamics Innovations created a product that gives you the copy and paste functionality beyond the GL.



Contact Support


DFC's support consultants are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can assist you with any issue or question you may have. Call us at 701-281-6112 or email

Available Training Books


Training books are available for order that can help you better understand Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM. Books range in price from $25 to $75. Contact DFC to place an order


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