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Development Homes saves over 20 hours each week that used to be spent solely on manual entry. They also utilize individually tailored reports that
are automatically distributed.


As a nonprofit, it's vital that you can accurately and efficiently manage your budgets and grants. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you no longer have to juggle several spreadsheets to track donors, volunteers, and campaigns.

You need a software system that helps you:

  • stay up-to-date on industry requirements
  • meet board mandates
  • secure your information
  • streamline your processes and reduce (or eliminate) manual entry


Financial Management

Manage your general ledger, fixed assets, bank reconciliations, payables and receivables and much more. GP also features a strong audit trail, ensuring that your finances are accurate and secure. You can also automate the transfer of balances between funds and manage grants proactively, helping to ensure accountability and maintain control over project and funding success.


Donation and Pledge Management

You can easily track incoming funds and pledges. Once the information is inputted and related to specific campaigns, CRM will automatically update the charts and graphs illustrating how close you are to achieving your overall fundraising goal. From there, you can set up an automatic thank you email every time a donation is received. You can also set up automatic reminder emails that are sent when a pledge is due.


Membership Management

Keep detailed information about each of your members, including donation and volunteer history, demographics, marketing history and information about which campaigns they have participated in.


Volunteer Tracking

Easily keep a log of every hour and activity each volunteer completes, along with each person’s availability schedule. From this information you can easily generate reports on total hours volunteered and total projects completed.


Grant Management

Track all of your grant information in one place including the status of applications and award history.


Gaming Management

Document all of the information vital to your gaming division in one place. Manage finances coming in, taxes, expenses and more.


Low IT Needs

DFC offers a low cost support plan to ensure access to software experts. DFC Cloud offers a software hosting solution that saves you from having to purchase servers or hire additional IT employees.


Information Sharing

Each of your employees will have access to updated information on your company’s marketing strategies, upcoming events and special promotions. You can also control access so that only certain users can modify, create or see certain records.


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Case Studies:

Prarie Public moved to Microsoft Dynamics GP and now saves $20,000 annually on labor.

Home on the Range has relied on GP for over 20 years

Theodore Medora Roosevelt Foundation utilizes GP to track seasonal employees

"Without the expertise of DFC we would not have been able to implement all of the automation for the gaming company.  DFC listened to what our needs were and were able to implement and create a product that works for us."


- Pam, Development Homes