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Native American software

We have worked with Native American Tribes across the United States for many years. We have the knowledge and understanding of what you need to run your housing authority, casino or community. If you are dealing with unreliable accounting data, high employee turnover, limited reporting capabilities and error prone manual processes you could be at risk of losing compliance with the Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA).


If your tribal entity can’t comply with established regulations you could go on ‘high risk’ status, lose grant money or lose the entire operational budget. With inadequate audit controls, you could even be at risk for internal theft or embezzlement. Retaining your funding is key to serving your tribal community.


Because of these high stakes, financial management goes much deeper than basic accounting. Effectively managing and tracking budgets, account receivables and payables, work orders, payroll and human resources ensures the NAHASDA requirements are met. This is a tall order when some software systems lack audit controls, are disconnected or if accounting data is managed on spreadsheets.


Budget and Financial Management

With the use of Microsoft Dynamics GP’s robust financial features, you can track, report, and manage actual budgets in real-time, anytime.


Tenant Accounting

DFC Property Management gives you the ability to manage multi-location rental and home owner units. Rent, requirements and housing assistance for tenants is automatically calculated based on family composition, income levels, waiting lists and other criteria you specify. In addition, the system can calculate MEPA and interest for homeowner programs.


Government Compliance

With detailed insight and traceable audit trails, you can justify reasons for additional funding. Having accurate records helps to align the Indian Housing Plans (IHP) and Annual Performance Reports (APR) with financial statements. With this information, you can compare your current expenses with your budget and reevaluate your finances for the following year.


Work Order Management

Easily track the history of work done by each maintenance employee, sort work by priority, track costs per unit based on inventory and labor and manage tenant billing and cash receipts.


Inventory Management

Accurately track all maintenance and construction inventory with handheld devices and barcoding. You can also issue inventory to work orders, replenish inventory from purchase orders and complete accurate stock counts, controlling valuable assets every step of the way.


Program and Non-Program Income Calculations

Determine through income calculations when your 1937 act units need to be counted as NAHASDA units, calculating program and non-program income.


Payroll & Human Resource Management

Save labor hours on processing payroll and have the ability to run reports on employee’s hours and update employee’s personal information. Track reviews, property, orientation, terminations, injuries, training, tests and certifications with ease.


Collections Management

Collect monthly rent and payments on time. Late payments are closely tracked so consequences can be enforced in order to keep the housing’s cash flow and budget on track.


Grant Management and Tax Credits

Manage and track grant money and tax credits in one comprehensive system.



“We’re pleased with the support we receive and DFC Property Management software.”


- Marc, Sisseton-Wahpeton Housing Authority