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DFC's Training Center offers classes throughout the year that will help train your employees and increase their productivity. Register two or more attendees and receive a 10 percent discount on the class. Free training classes are included in both DFC support plans.


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Dynamics GP Classes
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Classes
DFC Property Management Classes
KEY2ACT Classes (formerly WennSoft)


Microsoft Dynamics GP Classes



Business Intelligence

Discover what your Business Intelligence needs are and how to address them through creating and distributing the right reports.


Core Financials Training

If you're new to Microsoft Dynamics GP, this series of classes will introduce you to the software and show you the basic elements. Throughout the week you will be introduced to general ledger, payables management, receivables management and bank reconciliation. Upon completion, you will have full knowledge of the GP financial module and will be able to perform basic and advanced functions.


Fixed Assets

This training class delves into the accounting cycle and the processes required to enter, depreciate and retire fixed assets. You'll learn how to maintain asset records, print detailed reports and trouble shoot and correct any input errors.


Human Resources and Payroll

Educate yourself with the tips and techniques that will make you a successful user of both the HR and Payroll modules and their capabilities. In this class you will learn how to process payroll checks and track the necessary information in Human Resources including: timecodes, accruals, pay codes, deductions and more.


Installation and Configuration

This class is recommended for IT technicians or those who need to understand the technical aspects of Microsoft Dynamics GP


Inventory Control

Learn how to set up inventory items and the types of inventory transactions available.Discover how to quickly find information such as inventory quantity on hand, quantity available, quantity on back order, costs, list prices and where to drill down to transaction details.


Management Reporter

Start building basic and advanced financial reports through Management Reporter.



Besides learning the functionality of Manufacturing, you will also learn tips and techniques that will help make your implementation successful, and you will gain a thorough understanding of Manufacturing and its capabilities



Gain a thorough understanding of the Payroll module including set up, processing checks, direct deposit, retrieving data and more.


Purchase Order Processing

This class explores the primary features in POP including purchase order setup, entry, shipment receipts and returns along with shipment invoicing.


Sales Order Processing

After this class, you will be able to enter and ship sales order, manage the life-cycle of your customers' orders, set up process holds for quality assurance and link order documents to purchase orders.


SQL Server Reporting

SQL Server Reporting allows you to modify and create custom reports.


Year End Close

Complete the year end close process more efficiently and productively after taking this class.





Microsoft Dynamics CRM Classes




Administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Develop the techniquest to plan, develop, apply and examin administrative tasks in CRM.


Applications in CRM

This three day class will explore sales management, marketing automation and service management.


Customization and Configuration in CRM

Learn how to customize CRM to meet the specialized needs of your business. Learn about security, creation and configuration of entities, design of form views and charts, auditing and solutions.


Workflow and Dialog Processes in CRM

Learn how workflows can benefit your business process and how they function. Upon completion you will fully understand how to design, create and manage basic workflows.


Reporting in CRM

This class will help you better understand reporting methods and advanced reporting features.


Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This half-day training course focuses on user interfact and how to work with the application.



DFC Property Management





Property Management Bootcamp

This class will introduce you to DFC Property Management and give you the tools needed to create units, track tenants, manage billing, receive payments and schedule work orders. .







KEY2ACT Job Cost

This class provides detailed instruction for master record creation, transaction/cost entry and invoicing procedures. It also addresses job status, project status, job cost setup, cost code setup, account setup, secuirty setup, payroll setup, job maintenance, transaction entry, time card entry, invoicing, file maintenance, routines and monthly procedures.


KEY2ACT Equipment

Participants of this class will learn how to utilize the equipment portion of the Key2Act product including how to control the profitable utilization, distribution, scheduling and maintenance of assets you own, how to track items that are sold or rented and manage data effectively.


KEY2ACT Service

Learn how to utilize the service feature in Key2Act including how to effectively manage service calls through call capture and assignment, dispatch, resolution tracking, contract management and more.