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Support Plans FAQ


Q:  What different types of support plans are offered by DFC Consultants?

A:  DFC offers two different support plans for our customers to choose from. Standard Support Plan and Premier Support Plan.

Q:  What will it cost to purchase one of the support plans?

A:  DFC will prepare a customized quote for your business based on your software package and number of users.

Q:  If I choose to purchase a support plan from DFC, do I still need to purchase a support plan from Microsoft?

A:  Yes. The annual enhancement plan offered by Microsoft is required for 1st year customers and highly recommended for customers in order to stay current with Microsoft. DFC offers separate support plans to our customers to help you keep your training and support costs down.

Q:  What kind of support is included in the support plans?

A:  Both support plans include a certain number of hours of technical support during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). The number of hours included in your plan is based on the number of users that you have. The premier plan includes a higher number of support hours per user.

Q:  Is there any training included with the DFC support plans?

A:  Yes. Premier Support Plan offers 2 training classes or training series per Dynamics License. Any additional training will be 50% off.

The Standard Support Plan offers 1 training class or training series per Dynamics License with 50% off additional training.

The inclusion of free classes or series per license can easily pay for your support plan and will provide your staff more knowledge and confidence in using the system. Please note that training books and manuals are an additional cost.

Learn Over Lunch webinars can also be attended for free with a support plan. Each webinar attended will result in the deduction of one free class credit from your account.

Q:  Does DFC offer User Groups or events that we can attend if we purchased a support plan from DFC?

A:  DFC offers user groups and an annual customer symposium. Both plans include unlimited free attendance at all events.

Q:  What level of support allows us support on our servers?

A:  The Premier Support Plan includes a Quarterly SQL Server Health Checkup and the Standard Support Plan includes an Annual SQL Server Health Checkup. Customers can call or email DFC to schedule the Server Checkup.

Q:  Will the support plans offer any business reviews to accommodate any changes or additions forecasted in our business?

A:  Both plans include an annual Business Analysis Meeting to review your software components and to discuss any changes in your business processes. (Value of $540)

Monthly account status reviews are also included with both plans. DFC will generate a report showing the number of hours of support used.

Q:  If we purchase one of these support plans, may we purchase services at a discounted rate?

A:  The Premier Plan offers a $5 per hour discount off of the consulting rate and the Standard Plan offers a $3 per hour discount off of the consulting rate during the term of the plan. The support plans also allow our customers to have a 12-month lock on consulting rates.

Both support plans allow our customers free hardware purchase advisory services. This involves reviewing hardware specifications and discussing requirements with your hardware vendor to ensure compatibility with software upgrades.

Q:  What are other key differences between the Premier and Standard Support Plans?

The key differences between the plans are the number of free hours of technical support and the number of free training classes.