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ACA Compliance Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP



Understanding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements for small and medium businesses can be difficult. The ACA is built to be self-sustaining and those funds are going to be coming from penalties assessed to businesses and individuals. Understanding the Affordable Care Act employer guidelines and requirements is the key to avoiding financial penalties.

**Note that no significant changes have been made to the ACA and applicable businesses must comply with regulations and reporting in 2017 and 2018.


Who must submit the 1095-C form:


  • all employers with over 50 FTE’s
  • every employer with 50 to 99 full-time or full-time equivalent employees whose organization did not meet the criteria for transition relief.
  • Every employer who is self-insured, regardless of the number of employees.





Who is at the highest risk for penalties?

Businesses with many part-time employees, seasonal employees or low-wage employees are at the highest risk for penalties. Every employee whose hours of service (not hours of work) total 130 in any one month of a calendar year qualify for affordable health care and businesses must provide documentation in the Form 1095-C about these employees. Hours of service include the following circumstances, even if the employee is not compensated at that time: vacation, holiday, illness, incapacity, layoff, jury duty, military duty, leave of absence or FMLA.

How do you safe guard your business with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

The HR module in Microsoft Dynamics GP includes ACA tracking assistance. Microsoft has distributed a word doc with all of the information on tracking capabilities within the HR module.


If you have more than 50 FTE's, we do recommend that you look into an ISV solution that is going to better track your information. The IRS has increased the penalties for the Affordable Care Act and purchasing a solution geared specifically for the ACA will help safe guard your business.


We recommend two different solutions to track your employee’s information for the Affordable Care Act.


Integrity Data

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Learn More

Watch a webinar



DFC also has a one hour webinar available that gives you an overview of how to manage simple ACA reporting within Microsoft Dynamics GP. The cost for access is $49. Request your download from Sabrina.


**please note there are variations to the law that may effect each business differently. Please contact DFC Consultants for more information.