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Project Level Billing Software


The Project Level module allows you to combine multiple jobs into a project so that you can view jobs from the project level, and report based on the project or individual jobs. This may be useful if you have multiple divisions working together to complete a contract, but each division works on its own job.


Project Level allows for fixed (cost of construction) and time and materials (T&M) projects. In addition, you can set up jobs to bill projects for reimbursable expenses (such as travel, mileage and hotels) incurred on jobs.


With Project Level, you can create a schedule for billing multiple jobs on an invoice or a single job per invoice. Project-level invoices can be created with or without bill codes. Single accounts receivables transactions are automatically created, while distributing revenue to multiple jobs, divisions or general ledger accounts. POC and job loss recognition can be assigned to the project or the individual job.

Project Level Billing


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