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Management Reporter


There is nothing more frustrating than not having access to the data and information you need to make important business decisions. Thanks to Management Reporter, you can easily create, generate, and access reports. Better yet, once you have your reports set up, they will automatically be sent to your email on the schedule of your choosing. It couldn't get easier. Plus, Management Reporter is included in the Microsoft Dynamics GP starter pack so you can start generatings reports right away and at no additional cost.




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And with Management Reporter, there is no longer a need to have IT involved in the report creating process.


Management Reporter Benefits:


  • Once you set up your reports, the work is done. The reports you need will arrive in your inbox on a regular schedule.
  • Information for each report is automatically generated from your General Ledger, ensuring accurate information.
  • Export your reports directly to Excel, publish to network locations, post to SharePoint, email links or save them as a pdf. No matter where you want to store your reports, Management Reporter has you covered.
  • Drill down into line items within the report or directly into GP for more detail.
  • Quickly find new accounts using missing account analysis.
  • Create reports quickly using the report wizard.
Management Reporter


Some of the most popular reports include: profit and loss, balance sheets, budget v. actual, over and under budget reports, variance reports and cash flow statements.


If you have questions about Management Reporter, Management Reporter versions, or would like further information, feel free to contact us.


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"Management Reporter has the report design flexibility we needed to create the custom financial reports desired to better operate our organization, and ultimately, better serve our clients. My favorite feature is the ability to create custom building blocks and dimension trees. It has allowed me to organize, group, and replicate many reports that were previously created manually, saving valuable time for our Department Heads. I also love the drill down feature."

- Kresha, Anne Carlson Center