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Microsoft Dynamics 365 FAQ


What is Dynamics 365?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of cloud-based software that allows small and medium sized businesses a complete software solution at a price that is affordable while also eliminating the need for costly servers. You can pick and choose between different applications to build a complete system to meet your needs. Dynamics 365 currently have solutions for:


  • sales
  • customer service
  • operations
  • financials
  • field service
  • project service automation
  • marketing


In addition to the functionality included in these main apps, you can also check out Microsoft's AppSource where you can find different add-ons developed by partners and other software companies.


What happened to Microsoft Dynamics CRM?


Dynamics CRM has transitioned into Dynamics 365. Now you can purchase individual applications or bundle them together for a complete system. For instance, if you had CRM in the past and only used the sales module, you can now purchase just that feature rather that the entire system.


Should current Dynamics GP users look at switching to Dynamics 365?


This should be discussed with your Microsoft partner on a case-by-case basis, but overall we aren't recommending GP users switch to Dynamics 365 at this time. The accounting features in Dynamics 365 aren't as robust or developed as the features in GP. Because this is a new software offering, there aren't as many add-on features available at this time. That reduces users ability to customize the system to their specific needs and business functions. Additionally, there is no payroll functionality within Dynamics 365.

If you're drawn to Dynamics 365 because it's a cloud-based solution, talk to DFC Consultants about your options for moving Dynamics GP into the cloud. GP can easily become a cloud solution and continue to meet your needs.


Who should use Dynamics 365?


The ideal fit for Dynamics 365 can be broken into two groups.

  1. Companies that need sales, marketing, and customer service software. Because Dynamics 365 evolved from Dynamics CRM, a long-standing, trusted software, the functionality has only gotten better.

  2. Companies with accounting needs that are not complex are a great fit for Dynamics 365. Out of the box functionality will get you up and running, and the user-friendly interface makes the system easy to learn and navigate. And if you're looking for an affordable solution - Dynamics 365 is your best bet. Without servers to manage or upgrades to install, you can reduce your overhead.


Do I need Dynamics 365 Enterprise or Dynamics 365 Business edition?


Companies with under 250 employees should consider the Business Edition which includes financial management.