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Additional Functionality Provided by ISV's


Microsoft Dynamics GP has the flexibility to add on additional software solutions to enhance the product and meet your specific needs. Each of the capabilities listed below were developed specifically to fit with Microsoft Dynamics GP by Independent Software Vendors (ISV).


For more information or a demo on any of the functions listed below, contact DFC. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or show you how a solution will fit you specifically.

Information on reporting for the Affordable Care Act can be found here.


Advanced Bank Reconciliation

For companies with a high volume of transactions, multiple bank accounts, and/or multiple general ledger accounts, Advanced Bank Reconciliation reduces administration.


Applicant Tracking/


  • Manage all steps of your recruiting process from requisition through onboarding.
  • Identify and hire the right applicants quickly and easily to fulfill project needs.
  • Easily transfer newly hired applicant data to Dynamics GP without any additional keying of information.

Bar Coding

Add the tools to give your workforce access to inventory details and the ability to capture transactions at the point and time they occur. This feature-rich solution operates on handheld computers and uses barcode technology to track inventory.



If you could create the ideal budgeting and planning process, you’d make it faster and more collaborative. You’d end your reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets and complicated formulas. You’d spend less time entering data and chasing down broken links, and more time analyzing the data. Ideally, you’d also automatically generate up-to-the-minute integrated financial statements directly from your budget.


Collections Management

Collections Management allows you to dramatically reduce the time spent collecting from your customers. It makes it easy to perform activities including: tracking all of your contact with your customers, automatically assigning follow-ups and setting reminder dates.


Check Printing

MICR check printing allows you to print checks on secure, easy to manage blank check stock. This system removes the need for multiple check books.

  • Sign checks based on user ID
  • Require passwords to print checks
  • View check image in Dynamics GP inquiry
  • Print check copies to PDF
  • Print GL distributions on check stubs



Through this add-on you can eliminate computing and adjusting commissions manually. No matter how confusing or complex your commission structure is, this solution can handle it.




Contract Billing

Quickly and easily manage regular billing cycles in Microsoft Dynamics GP with automated billing features for annual contract, subscription-based, and metered/usage-based billing. The mass creation of invoices can increase your billing efficiency, freeing your time to manage customer relationships and accomplish more.


Credit Card Services

Give your customers the ability to pay via credit card, ACH or credit memo through a secure connection.

Business to Business

Business to Consumer

Credit Card Payments through Blue Moon


Document Management

Electronically capture documents; streamline business processes using workflow; automate routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports and forms; and provide instant retrieval from the desktop and web.

Going paperless allows your business to be more cost-efficient, time-efficient, productive, green-friendly and organized.


Dynamics GP with Excel

Access all tables and fields, including customization and add-on modules in Excel with no exporting or reformatting. Gain real-time access to everything in your Dynamics GP database and get the customized reports you need to make important business decisions


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

With EDI transaction management, you gain the benefits of first-rate EDI and skip the traditional overhead. Freedom from the complexities of EDI means you concentrate on your business, reduce costs, and increase profits.


Equipment Management

Control the profitable utilization, distribution, scheduling and maintenance of assets you own; better manage the equipment you sell, buy, or rent to your customers; and capture the data needed for better, more informed decision making.


Expense Management

Control expenses, increase productivity and streamline employee reimbursement with Expense Management.

- Manage cost with travel requests and approvals

- Web and mobile entry and approval

- Auto mileage calculation with Google maps


Intercompany Posting

  • Ability to initiate transactions between companies in any GP module
  • Supports bank transfers between companies that are available in the GP Checkbook
  • Automatically void transactions between companies
  • Automatically post transactions between companies
  • Includes full audit trail with drill-down capabilities
  • Supports differing account formats
  • Enables postings between different companies, the same company, and remote companies



Inventory & Asset


Control the profitable utilization, distribution, scheduling and maintenance of assets you own; better manage the equipment you sell, buy, or rent to your customers; and capture the data needed for better, more informed decision making.



Invoice Automation

The centralized repository of invoice data with unlimited attachment capabilities ensure users have a centralized place to obtain invoice detail, status and analytics for management reporting. The fully configurable workflow engine ensures that approvals are expedited and fully tracked for compliance and analytical reporting.




The Microsoft Dynamics GP Extended Pack includes several tools that help manufacturing companies compete in a global marketplace, respond rapidly to customer demand and lower operational costs. Included in the pack is manufacturing suite, bill of materials, order processing, production scheduling, and materials requirements planning.


Multi-Entity Management


Multi-Entity Management (MEM) enables real-time reporting across all of your entities without the need for spreadsheets or an external reporting system and the staff required to build reports. Because MEM gathers all Microsoft Dynamics financial information in a single database, it is far simpler and faster to create consolidated reports across all companies while still maintaining individual sets of financial statements.



File and pay your taxes securely in a few clicks without having to go to a government website or transfer your money to a third party.

Online self-service portal for employee paystubs, profile changes, HR documents, and more.


Point of Sale


  • Quick and Efficient Sales Entry
  • Exceedingly Simple User Interface
  • Truly Seamless Enterprise Integration
  • Powerful Functionality to Meet Global Demands
  • Extensive Setup Options and Business Rules
  • Designed for Scalability and Customization


Property Management

Manage your waiting lists, scoring, tenant history, inventory control, work orders and programs through DFC Property Management software.



Pull data directly from your Microsoft Dynamics GP database and eliminate costly reporting errors.Gain the ability to refreshe your reports with a single click for up-to-the-minute accuracy. Create customized reports without costly, time-intensive SQL programming expertise – no advanced programming required



Automate the complete procure-to-pay cycle – from product selection, requisitioning, approval and ordering to delivery, receipt and financial settlement. The suite includes applications for requisitioning, PunchOut via cXML, check request, budget compliance, RFQ, purchase order generation, receiving, invoice matching and vendor contract enforcement with approval workflow throughout the entire process.


Revenue/Expense Deferrals

Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals provides Microsoft Dynamics GP users added depth to define revenue and expense recognition per item. This enhanced detail gives you the control to significantly increase revenue and expense recognition effectiveness and comply with industry accounting standards for projects, subscriptions or service contracts.


Sales Tax Automation

The tax decision engine delivers instant address validation and sales tax calculation along with comprehensive reporting to fully automate the complex, burdensome process of sales tax management across multiple states and tax jurisdictions. Cutting-edge technologies and superior processing logic help manage the most complicated tax issues, such as situs, nexus, tax tiers, tax holidays, exemption certificate management and product taxability rules.


Service Management/Job Cost

Job and project information is valuable only when it’s accessible by everyone involved. KEY2ACT job, project and accounting solutions provide a single repository of all the information you need to manage your jobs and projects with those onsite and those in the office so everyone can make more informed, strategic decisions. Visibility into the costs associated with your organization's activities is essential to profitability.



Convert orders into shipments, email recipients automatically, update tracking numbers, print shipping labels and more.


Subscription Management


Subscription Billing handles even the most complex pricing strategies – subscription charges (recurring monthly, annually or at any user-defined frequency including pro-rated periods); one-time fees such as for initial set-up; metered or usage-based fees such as time or amount consumed; prices that change based upon volume tiers; milestone billing; and many other methods. Evergreen billing can be set up to automatically renew at the end of a term.


Time Keeping

Time Matrix includes a Time Clock that is a front end to Microsoft Dynamics GP. It integrates with Payroll (reads employees, departments, pay codes, positions, vacation available, sick available & posts time to PR Trx entry), Human Resources (reads time codes and posts time to Time & Attendance Trx Detail file), Manufacturing (posts time to Time Card Entry), Project Accounting, Sales Order Processing (reads orders & items), KEY2ACT Service Management, Job Cost, Olympics Project Cost & Horizons Manufacturing. It reads and writes all the tables from these products directly with out having to do imports/exports.


Tools/Database: SmartConnect

Integration and automation are essential components to every successful ERP implementation. SmartConnect makes integration and automation simple. SmartConnect contains connectors that create records within Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Tools/Database: SmartList

SmartList Builder is the most popular add-on for Dynamics GP of all time with more than 13,000 companies benefiting from it. SmartList Builder is a very easy to use tool that allows you to build lists of ALL your Dynamics GP data. If you have entered it, SmartList Builder will allow you to report on it. The SmartList’s you build can be viewed four different ways: SmartLSIt builder, Excel Report Builder, Navigation List Builder or the best of all SmartView.


User Productivity: Auditor

Flexible setup and tracking options let you determine what level and type of tracking is best for you in Microsoft Dynamics GP or at the SQL database level. You can even choose to be notified by email when changes happen.


User Productivity: GP Toolbox

- Enhance System Security

- Accelerate IT Administration

- Simplify Business Processes

- Improve User Experience




Looking for a solution not on the list? Just ask.