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Moving To Microsoft Dynamics GP


quickquoteEntry-level accounting software can only go so far. As your company grows, you need a software solution that will grow with you and support your increasing business needs. Microsoft Dynamics GP is the best program for small and midsized businesses that offers not only accounting services, but also human resources, payroll, supply chain management, advanced reporting and much more.


Microsoft interviewed customers who made the switch to Dynamics GP. Here is what a few of them had to say:



“QuickBooks has basic accounting functions, but what Microsoft Dynamics GP offers is the ability to stay on one product for the entire lifecycle of the company. It grows with your business. If you’re going to stay a small mom-and-pop operation, something like QuickBooks might work well, but if you intend to grow the business, the last thing you want is to have to convert to another accounting package later on.”


Jeff Skeen, CFO
Titan Fitness Holdings


“As soon as we installed QuickBooks, we knew it was not the right solution – it was inexpensive, and it enabled simple reporting – but to support the sophisticated project management and accounting required by our business, we knew we would need to turn to Microsoft Dynamics GP.”


Kenneth Boothe, Jr., Program Manager
Erie Shipbuilding


“Running a growing, multi-departmental organization in QuickBooks became unmanageable. Each time we added a line of business, we had to create a new QuickBooks instance. It made recording intercompany transactions and bank reconciliations extremely difficult. One of the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics GP is that it allows us to maintain separate ledgers for each of these business units.”


Lee Horton, Director of IT
Current LP


“QuickBooks is an excellent financial solution for a small company. But, as our company grew in size and volume, we had to create multiple QuickBooks files to maintain operations – and none of these files could be linked together. This left us unable of practicing traditional accounting procedures, and it complicated any type of reporting, whether managerial or financial.”


Scott Nesbitt, Chief Accounting Officer
Choice Energy


“A huge difference between QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP is transactional integrity. We have seven people in our accounting department, plus a Director of Finance. We need the ability to go back and follow an audit trail for any transaction, so a system that has transactional integrity is critical.”


Lee Horton, Director of IT
Current LP