More than 200,000 organizations and 190 million people have SharePoint for intranets, team sites, and content management. No matter what you want to accomplish with SharePoint, DFC can help you get your site up and running just the way you envision. SharePoint is one of the greatest tools that any business can use, but like most tools, you need to know how to use it to be the most effective. Our professionals will work with you not only to setup and implement your SharePoint site, but also train your administrators and staff so you can be effective and productive right away.



Share files, data, news, and resources with team members in real time. Documents on SharePoint are available not only on your computer, but also on your mobile phone and tablet. Pages, lists, and libraries connect everyone to resources and files needed to get projects done efficiently.


  • Upload files so you can access them anywhere
  • Open documents that you or your team have saved
  • Work with others on the same document, at the same time
  • Share documents
  • Share your site with people outside your organization
  • Create a team site to stay connected
  • Keep previous versions of a document while you make changes to it



SharePoint offers a centralized place that you can share documents, create and assign tasks, view project timelines and answer questions about projects.


  • Set up tasks lists to keep your team informed and updated
  • Keep your project on schedule




Our SharePoint experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs - whether that be out-of-the-box or through a more customized product. SharePoint is easily customizable to your needs, no matter how simple or robust.


Popular SharePoint Uses


  • Replace folder-based solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Reduce paperwork with automated workflows.
    • Checklists for new employees that have to complete various tasks
    • Approval processes involving multiple team members
  • Create customized forms to replace paper processes.
    • Employee suggestion box
    • Facilities requests
    • Integrated tracking and validation forms
  • Project management site
  • Complete company intranet
  • And much more!


Trust the experts at DFC Consultants to help you launch a successful SharePoint project. From general consulting, to implementation and training, our professionals will be with you every step of the way.


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